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The "Hangouts" option, allows any user to create its own customized conference, and to add new members with just a single tap.

Google Hangouts is available in Google Play, but it can also be found in Apple Store.

This will certainly make it easier to point in the best direction for your free options!

A few years ago, video chat was nothing more than a nice dream, and people were craving for a device, capable of doing that.

Its video chatting feature is extremely facile, and you can start a Google video conferencing call, using the participants' email.

The conference feature is also supported and you can create conversations of up to 10 users.

However, today, video chat has become a normal communication method, and people from the whole world are using it.

This feature is available today, and the connection is extremely safe and stable.

Its diversity of features is ideal for any company that wants a strong and reliable form of video communication.

The mobile version of this app is extremely useful, allowing you to connect to the video conference, from an i OS or Android operated device.

Its interface is very user friendly and it allows any participant to customize the conference.

As any other group video chat apps, this one also comes with a premium package.

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