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She was waiting for me in her kitchen i tried to apoligize but she said keep quite and *****. I got into cross-dressing when I was coerced into it at school.

This coercion continued into my adult life and allowed for no respite.

I wasn't scared or anything cause I didn't know it was not "normal". We rarely sleep in the same room, much less the same bed. She made me get out of bed , and wait for dad to come home. I bundled them in my school bag made my excuses and left my pals house. and grandmother's nylons as a small kid but stopped until I was a teenager. After the last item came (a pink knee length dress) i tried it on while wearing 6 inch platform heels, a wig and makeup. There was a wonderful breeze blowing up the stairwell that connected the floors, and I was in the middle of a twenty four hour period all cross dressing.

I waited till wife went o work then got showered and went over.

Early Saturday morning, I showered, shaved and prepared for... I was over at my best friends house, (we'll call her Amy) we were best friends at that time and still are now. I was putting on makeup when my mom entered into my... and was in the changing room trying a dress on when my cell phone rang. She almost never calls my cell phone so thought it might be something important so I answered it.

We were casually just playing on her Play Station in her room when her mum called her for dinner, although I was more than welcome in the house because I... starting when I was 13, every summer holiday I use to help out at a holiday chalet site for school children events, especially disadvantaged or disabled children. As I was standing there in my bra and panties talking to her the sales lady walked up and said...

while I was wearing them or when my mom was cleaning my room and stumbled upon my stuff.

When I was about ten or something I used to steal my cousin's clothes who's about the same age as me and take them home where I would happily dress late at night. At the age of 14 I would mow lawns and do gardening work for people in my town west of Boston in Sudbury Ma.

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