Chicken soup for the dating soul

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As a result of this procedure, certain male physical characteristics will experience stunted development: Caponization also affects the disposition of the bird.

Removal of the bird's testes eliminates the male sex hormones, lessening the male sex instincts and changing their behaviour: the birds become more docile, less active, and tend not to fight.

Animist beliefs extend to the rooster and the cockfight, ”a popular form of fertility worship among almost all Southeast Asians” further considered by some within the Judeo-Christian ethic as a form of Baal or Baalim.

Aluk or Aluk To Dolo a sect of Agama Hindu Dharma as a part of religion in Indonesia, within the Toraja society and the people of Tana Toraja, embrace religious rituals such as the funeral ceremony where a sacred cockfight is an integral part of the religious ceremony and considered sacred within that spiritual realm.

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Some more aggressive cockerels will drop and extend both wings and puff out all their body feathers to give the hens or other cocks the impression of a larger size, and charge through the hen yard.

Some roosters are especially vociferous, crowing almost constantly, while others only crow a few times a day.

These differences are dependent both upon the rooster's breed and individual personality.

Although it is possible for a hen to crow as well, crowing (together with hackles development) is one of the clearest signs of being a rooster.

The rooster is often portrayed as crowing at the break of dawn ("cock-a-doodle-doo").

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