Dating and marriage customs in ireland

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They are the breeders and traders of some of Ireland’s best horses. I had one teacher that said to me, “Well a Traveller won’t do nothing with their life. You’re going to go off and marry young and have loads of children.” Helen showed us her wedding album. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters & Mixed by Jim Mc Kee In collaboration with Nuala Macklin in Dublin, Nathan Dalton and Laura Folger Aired on April 29, 2010 on NPR’s Morning Edition Travellers. Nomads, moving in caravans, living in encampments on the side of the road.

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Then I did a child care course I passed all my exams. Now they are.” In The Hidden World of Traveller Girls we go to Hazel Hill to talk with Helen Connors and Shirley Martin.This put you in somewhat of an outsider position as a woman.Traveller women might try to encourage future marriages between their husband’s families and their own which would bring their people into closer proximity…She did her doctoral field work in anthropology in Ireland living amongst a group of people known as the Travelling People.This involved nine months of living in a campsite; in a trailer with a fluid number of families, some of whom came and went during that period.

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