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When the school staffer who oversaw the development of the curriculum, Teresa Burson, declared, "We did this with family values in mind," the crowd openly jeered.

On an issue that is so sensitive as human sexuality, and so caught up with people’s individual moral values, parents have an inherent right to be the first to discuss such topics with their children.

A husband should fulfill his obligation to his wife, and a wife should do the same for her husband.

In the same way, a husband doesn’t have authority over his own body, but his wife does.

According to the local paper, they may "hire an instructional health coach using stimulus money." Perhaps innocence-destroying sex-ed is a program that’s too perverse to fail.

Citizens were shocked when the proposed curriculum was unveiled in June, and got their first chance to express their outrage directly to the school system’s Board of Trustees on July 13.

About 300 citizens turned out, filling the meeting room and an overflow room and spilling out onto the street.

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The government should not put itself between parents and their children in this way.

That doesn’t answer the concern that such lessons may plant ideas in young heads that would not have been there otherwise—thus making them counter-productive.

One recent survey of urban seventh graders found that 88% had no experience with any of these behaviors – so why they should be introduced to 100% of fifth graders in Helena, Mont., is a complete mystery.

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