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He was in a right old state, his arms waving frantically, his eyes wide. At a guess, I'd say he was doing 120 mph when he left the road and that he'd have been going even faster than that when he'd smashed into the road below. I saw him lift his walky talky and I heard him say, 'It's all right fellas.

It was Hammond who'd crashed."I was joined at this point by James [May], who'd arrived on the scene just before me in his Honda NSX.

In his most egregious example of ineptness, he was exposed on Radio 4’s Today programme for his ignorance of basic facts.

He failed to answer kindergarten questions about the national debt, and with breathtaking arrogance and stupidity said he didn’t need to know key economic figures — because ‘that’s why we have i Pads, and that’s why I have advisers’. Considering Mrs May’s troubles — no Parliamentary majority, difficult Brexit negotiations, two recent Cabinet resignations, a struggling Chancellor etc — it is surprising that the Tories and Labour are neck and neck in the opinion polls.

To many, Corbyn was no longer a no-hoper with extreme views, he was seen as a potential prime minister.

Today, though, I will stick my neck out and say that I believe Corbyn’s advance has stalled — indeed, perhaps, irredeemably.

JEREMY Kyle lost his temper with a drug-addicted guest on this morning's The Jeremy Kyle Show - but then threw him a lifeline by packing him off to rehab for Christmas.

Alex and her ex-boyfriend Kevin appeared on the show because Kevin, who Alex describes as her soulmate, has been hooked on drugs - including heroin and cocaine - for the best part of 20 years.

He has, however, proved much less sound on the domestic front.Overlooking his befriending of extremists and espousal of crazy Marxist policies, they favourably compared what they saw as his old-fashioned authenticity and principled bloody-mindedness with Mrs May’s rigidly-scripted, robotic and rather nervous performances.Even though Labour didn’t win, the party’s share of the vote increased by more than that achieved by any Labour leader since Clement Attlee shortly after World War II.She is worried that Kevin - whom she's known for 20 years and had a child with - will spend another Christmas on the street.Alex says that when she met Kevin, he was on party drugs - but his habit escalated and he ended up abusing her.

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