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For a budget traveler, this extra fee is a lot of money and I know you can get a cheaper meal in any European city.

The breakneck travel pace seems to be a complaint that a lot of people have.

Be aware that you might not be located in the city.

Depending on the tour, a few of your hostels/campsites could be far outside the city (sometimes 30-60 minutes by train/taxi).

Contiki Tours aims to hit as many places as possible so you end up barely scratching the surface of each destination.

You’ll only spend a day or two in large cities (Paris, Rome, etc) and half days in smaller towns.

If you’re staying outside the city, the bus will take you back to the campsite/hotel at night, otherwise, you meet at the bus in the morning (6-8am).

You will spend a lot of time on the bus — about 40% of the trip.

Most people say that every second day is spent on the bus and most rides are 6-10 hours long.

They claim to have 150,000 travelers each year and they’ve been doing tours since the early 60s.

One nice thing about Contiki is that they offer a wide variety of tour options — ranging from week-long trips to multiple month excursions.

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