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no left or right foot 2 Stockings 3 Linen shirt and a pair of breeches 4 brown doublet; these would be the soldiers own clothes 5 Red coat issued by the New Model Army (NMA).The NMA was the first to try and standardise equipment and equip its soldiers with a standard coat.When the trigger was pulled the hammer containing the flint would strike the frizzen, causing sparks to ignite the gunpowder in the pan and pass through the touch hole to ignite the main charge and fire the musket ball.A well drilled soldier was capable of firing 4 shots a minute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1944 lance corporal, Parachute Brigade, Battle of Arnhem 1 Parachute harness with parachute 2 Jump smock camouflage first issued in 1942 (the pattern was only replaced in 1980) and over smock worn when jumping 3 Toggle rope – general purpose rope 4 37 pattern battledress jacket; the patches on sleeve are for the 1st and 6th airborne division; wrist watch on the right sleeve; dog tags on the left sleeve 6 Braces 7 Gators 8 Socks 9 Standard British army issued boots 10 Gloves 11 Leather wallet 12 Camouflage scarf 13 Battledress trousers, colourless shirt, undervest and underpants 14 Aluminium mess tin, mug, water bottle and ration kit including tin of corn beef, boiled sweets and a large block of chocolate 15 Drop bag with rope attached 16 Shovel – kept in the drop bag 17 Cutlery, basic washing and shaving kit, and spare boot laces on a wash towel 18 Entrenching tool – for digging shell scrapings 19 Handle for the entrenching tool 20 Ammunition pouches 21 Belt and cross straps 22 Rifle – the Sten Mark V submachine gun was first issued in 1944 and given first to airborne troops.It fired a .75 musket ball made of lead, which was contained as part of a paper tube made from Cartridge Grade paper which contained gunpowder.The soldier would remove the cartridge from the cartridge box, bite off the end to release the powder, pour a small amount into the pan and the rest down the barrel.Also visible is the bayonet scabbard and crossbelt worn on the left side 9 Wooden bowl containing a day’s ration of salted beef, rations would be carried in the linen haversack 10 Pewter mug 11 Hard tack biscuits and cheese, carried in the linen haversack 12 Knife, fork and spoon kept in a linen bag and a day’s ration of bread 13 Linen haversack worn on the left hip 14 Soldier's games, draughts and a board made from a piece of tent canvas, a pack of cards and a wooden yo-yo 15 Grey woollen gaiters, with leather foot straps and pewter buttons 16 Woollen socks 17 Brass sundial compass 18 Straight lasted shoes.

A lot of the soldiers of the New model Army were from the "low church" tradition, where sermons are the central feature of the service.

6 Linen shirts and under garments 7 Black painted canvas knapsack which contained all the soldiers personal equipment and possessions when on campaign, it bears the Star of the Garter with the words Coldstream Guards in the centre scroll.

On the top is a rolled Greatcoat and mess tins held in place by pipeclayed buff leather straps 8 Leather cartridge box which contained 60 rounds of pre-packed ball cartridge ammunition, it has a Coldstream Guards star fitted to it and was carried on the right hip by a pipeclayed buff leather shoulder belt.

As it turned out it was ideally suited to conditions in the trenches – it wasn’t good at firing over long distances, but was really robust and could stand up to the mud. 38 Bayonet – to be attached to fore end of rifle 39 Helmet – with cover 40 Fob watch, personal effects.

Officers tended to have pocket watches more so than infantry soldiers 41 Coins – possibly local francs or similar, personal effects 42 Scabbard for bayonet, worn on leather belt around waist over hip 43 5 round ammunition clips – ready to load magazine of 303 rifle 1944 lance corporal, Parachute Brigade, Battle of Arnhem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1244 mounted knight, Siege of Jerusalem 1 Gonfanon – a banner that was used after the Norman conquest and displayed on the end of a spear or flag pole 2 Kettle helmet - broad brimmed with lots of ventilation and good visibility 3 Helmet with a curved face plate, which came into use after the Siege of Antioch, which took place during the First Crusade in 10 4 Sword belt 5 Shield with a flat top 6 Necklace 7 White cloth with a snip for cutting small items, a leather box of needles and a roll of thread fire steel a flint and tinder for starting a fire 8 Wooden bowl and cup, ceramic cup and a wooden spoon 9 Knife and sheaf for cutting food.

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