Redneck dating disaster

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Huge derricks lifted scaffolds, then speakers and lights into place in the island of light.

Two diesel generators, already raging to supply power for the lights, were the only noise.

Then some disagreements over the form and content of the film ended in Wexler's disassociating himself from the enterprise. He was interested in doing a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the tour, perhaps involving other bands and other countries.

You know, we were both watching Mick Jagger, and a Hell's Angel, the fat one. When the cat started grabbing him, what did he say? He just gave him a weird look, kind of a mean look, and yanked away. According to Murray, John Jaymes, of Young American Productions, who claimed to represent the Stones, had agreed to all these terms. And a lot of times there were six or seven Angels on one guy, and a lot of times there wasn't. They can call us all kinds of lousy dogs, and say that we shouldn't be there. Those people were moved away, and quickly, by the Angels: "Now I ain't saying anything about no Angel hit anybody. But they moved them people back out of the way of the bike. In the process, you know what, some people got hit."And you know what, some of them people were like maybe them Friday nighters that got that front row, I don't know, but they didn't want to give up that spot even to put that fire out. And when they come back fightin' they got thumped. There is some of them lousy people ain't a bit better than the worst of us, and it's about time they realized it.I don't know his name or anything, he reached over — he didn't like us being so close or something, you know, we were seeing Mick Jagger too well, or something. He reached over and grabbed the guy beside me by the ear and hair, and yanked on it, thinking it was funny, you know, kind of laughing. and he was running straight into the crowd, you know, pushing people away, you know, to run from the Hell's Angels. Had he been smoking, had he been drinking, or do you know? He didn't give him any verbal provocation or anything. And they hitting him and one Hell's Angel pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back. In addition, said Murray, it was they who made the formidable offer to fly out the 100 security officers from the East Coast.And so, this guy shook loose; he yanked away from him. See, and they started, they were mugging him, and then he started running . Sears Point Raceway is owned by a large holding company in LA that goes by the name "Filmways." If the graciousness of the raceway seeemd a bit unbelievable, it all became clearer when Filmways, the parent company, attached the following last-minute rider to the agreement: that Filmways be given exclusive distributing rights to any film that might come out of the concert.

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