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Isabella, who won a Porto Film Festival Best Actress for her role in the movie Isabella, had a contract at that time with Emperor Entertainment Group, one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong.

Emperor Entertainment Group filed a lawsuit in the High Court on 3 April 2008 to seek damages from Leong for breaking a 10-year contract which Leong’s mother signed for her when she was only 12 years old.

Richard Li, the youngest son of Li Kai-Shing, has been dubbed “Little Superman” by the press, and has a net worth of about 9 billion RMB.

He is the Chairman and Executive Director of PCCW Limited, Hong Kongs IT and communications giant, and Pacific Century Group in Hong Kong, Chairman of Singapore-based Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited, and a non-executive director of the Bank of East Asia.

Hong Kong media reported that Richard Li spent about 6.2 million US dollars to resolve Leong’s 13-year contract with Emperor.

The 22 year old former singer and actress gave birth to Ethan Li Changzhi, Lis first son, in Toronto, Canada, on April 26 2009, after which Li lavished property, services, and gifts upon the new mother.

Just as everyone thought that she was about to marry rich, she dropped the bombshell.

Leong filed a writ against the company on 27 April.

In November 2008 the legal battle between Leong and EEG ended in an out-of-court settlement, with the star “free to pursue her career”.

Her father was a descendant of a prominent Macanese family of Portuguese-English heritage, and her mother is Chinese.

Leong dropped out of school at the age of 12 to join Emperor Entertainment Group as a teenage model.

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