Rules for dating my sister

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Emma also tends to be a bit of a talker, and any "quick" visit tends to snowball into an hour long hangout, followed by a trip to a 24/7 restaurant for a snack.After that then they would drive back across down, which is another twenty minutes.Then Emma looked at my girlfriend and said, "Actually I was kind of hoping you would run with me across town, I want to drop something off to one of my friends".Now I knew what she was asking for wasn't going to be a quick trip.I was sitting under the blanket in my underpants, and I was pretty invested in the movie we were watching, when my girlfriend's phone started to ring.I looked over a little irritated, but grabbed the remote and paused Netflix so she could hear the other person on the call. Okay yeah I'll come over.." "What was that about", I asked.If you are already familiar (It is similar to my other stories) or simply don't need the extra info, then go ahead and skip to the dotted line to begin the story.Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy. I had moved in with my girlfriend a couple of months before, and everything was going great.

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Though some aspects may have roots in truth, almost everything is either fabricated and/or embellished.I drove us to her sister's house and parked the car.When we walked into the house we were greeted by Emma and the third roommate Melanie, Sarah wasn't home at the time.This whole thing would minimally take an hour, and I wasn't very excited about it.Luckily my girlfriend saved the day when she said, "Yeah, I can go with the two of you, but is it okay if my boyfriend stays here with the laundry, that way he can just drive the car home when it's done." This seemed like a win win, I would get to head home a bit earlier and my girlfriend would get to hang out with her sister and her friend.

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