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So let’s dig in the list: ** Philadelphia (1993) An American Ghost Story (2013) Birth of the Living Dead (2013) Cropsey (2009) Perfect Sisters (2014) The Secret (2006) 13 Assassins (2011) All Good Things (2010) Angels Crest (2011) Apartment 143 (2011) The Answer Man (2009) Beyond the Black Rainbow (2012) Black Death (2010) Blackthorn (2011) The Brass Teapot (2013) Broken English (2007) The Burning Plain (2009) Ceremony (2011) Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (2011) Crazy Love (2007) District B13 (2004) – Review District 13: Ultimatum (2010) The Eclipse (2010) Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) Flawless (2007) Food, Inc.

In fact, I was so impressed that I named that action-oriented directorial debut by Pierre Morel the number 1 foreign film of the year.

me and my son could not get enough of the first one. D13ulti- to me was nothing more than a stunt movie with a weak plot thrown in for geneal purpose.

i would have been more entertained by just showing stunts and how they were acheived.

Instead, he was replaced here by Patrick Allesandrin who may have four prior feature films under his belt, but none in the high-impact thriller genre. The best thing about the original was its acrobatic fight sequences, starting with that eye-popping, opening chase scene.

So, as District 2 unfolds, you’re naturally expecting another spectacular series of stunts right after the credits.

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