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We hope you’ll join us for a delightful conversation as we enter the holidays, and please share us with your family and friends.

SMART Special Events and Webinars are free and open to the general public as well as to our community of participants, facilitators, and professionals.

As concerned significant others, families and friends, our intimate connection should make us natural allies, but we often don’t know how to talk with each other or work together when it comes to addiction, with all the emotional intensity that brings to relationships.

SMART and CRAFT work beautifully together to encourage healthy, productive efforts towards an improved quality of life for everyone, and we are particularly proud of our association with Dr. Tuell Clinical Director of Addiction Services Lindner Center of HOPE | University of Cincinnati Health Saturday, June 24, PM EDT This promises to be a fascinating and far-reaching discussion, beginning with a look at today’s opiate epidemic. Tuell will highlight the relationship between mental health and addiction and how they intersect.

His book, , co-written with Brenda Wolfe in 2003, has already become a classic. Meyers is an internationally renowned speaker and gives CRAFT training workshops around the world. As Clinical Director of Addiction Services at Lindner Center of HOPE, Dr.

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SMART Recovery is pleased to present a talk with John Kelly, Ph. emphasizing the need for addiction recovery support programs based on science, such as SMART, as well as the science on traditional and other recovery support services. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, the founder and Director of the Recovery Research Institute at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the Program Director of the Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) and the Associate Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine at MGH. Kelly is a former President of the American Psychological Association (APA) Society of Addiction Psychology, a Fellow of APA, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is also on the editorial board of several addiction journals.

Reid Hester has been the senior editor of 3 books and over 60 other publications in the area of substance abuse prevention and treatment. Saturday, December 3rd, PM EST Listen to a podcast of this past event! Gerstein, MD, FACP, SMART’s founding President, will join us during this holiday season to share some strategies on using SMART tools so we can make getting through the 2016 Holiday Season as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. Gerstein will spend some time discussing the fundamental importance of motivation in the recovery process and ways to enhance that, as well as introduce an interesting phenomenon observed in study of the change process.

He was a recipient of 2 Tibbets awards for excellence in Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) in 19. It will be a wide-ranging conversation with lots of interesting food for thought. Gerstein was just awarded the 2016 Harvard Humanist of the Year Award “for his work over the last 25 years as the founding president of SMART Recovery, which we view among the greatest examples of community service in the history of modern humanism.” Dr.

We are the 2nd largest recovery support group in the world for addiction recovery, and we are happy to continue to encourage thought-provoking, hopeful, practical and compassionate conversation.

Saturday March 18, 2017 - PM EDT Presented by Ivette Torres, SAMHSA Listen to a podcast of this past event.

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