Show luo dating 2016

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But Show denied the rumours telling the press, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill”.

(What else are we supposed to do with our time then?!?!

) Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai surprised fans with an appearance at Show Luo's Taipei concert in January 2013...

and Show Luo equally surprised jolin by embracing and trying to kiss her onstage!

Some of these might make you have to tell your friends you’ve been cutting up onions… He said, "If their breakup was really because of me like you [media] said, then I must say I'm sorry.

So long as the one I love is happy, nothing else matters." Go to in the video to see Show's Miss A interview (with English subs).

That same year, he formed the group ROMEO with Ou Di.For his second album, Expert Show, he collaborated with his co-host Xiao S on the duet "Love Expert".Show released his third album Hypnosis Show in 2005.The song “Audience” is about love, of course, and for the MV Rainie brought together the three most important men in her life as a star.It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did .

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