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He asked his daughter Ivanka Trump, who is not a Cabinet member but is a staff member, to stand and be recognized in his speech at a manufacturing company in Springfield. "It's pretty standard practice for us not to specifically call out staff," Sanders told reporters afterward."He regularly mentions Cabinet members but very rarely mentions staff in speeches." Asked if the oversight of Cohn was significant, Sanders said, "Well, look, Gary is here. They're both working hard and extremely committed to providing tax relief for middle-class America.We specialize in providing rare, out-of-print, Genealogical and Historical Resources on CD. Genealogy of Elaine Denton Covers family surnames like Denton, Fisher, Shearer, Sherrow, Sledge, Whittemore, Yarber/Yarborough and surnames from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia including Cave, Comer, Knight, Mayes, Painter, Price.

Initially expected in the spring, tax reform legislation now may not emerge until as late as November, lobbyists say.

During his speech in Missouri, Trump called on Democrats to join his tax overhaul effort. But he offered few specifics, and tax reform will be an uphill task in Congress.

He said he would cut taxes and simplify the sprawling U. "We must reduce the tax rate on American businesses so they keep jobs in America, create jobs in America and compete for workers right here in America," Trump said in his first presidential speech specifically on tax reform, one of his key 2016 campaign issues.

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