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Alyssia Marie Reddy (left and right) was arrested Friday for institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communication facility and corruption of a minor by Pennsylvania police According to police records, Reddy gave the student at the Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey (pictured), her cell phone number and then added him on Snapchat in December 2016.The student said that he received messages from Reddy in February 2017 saying: 'I want your hands on me'According to police records, Reddy gave the student her cell phone number and then added him on Snapchat in December 2016, reported NBC10. And we all had that teacher who we fell head over in heels in love with. Exploit that crush you had on your teacher by living it with a brand new teacher. And who doesn’t love a partner who can take control? Now that we are adults, we can legitimately enter relationships with teachers without it being totally creepy. Here is why you should really consider hooking up with an educator- it will be the best romantic decision that you have ever made. You can always pretend that it was that super sexy science teacher whose every word went over your head as there were other more important chemical reactions going on. All galleries and links are provided by third party.

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Investigators say staff found a cellphone in the victim's room and confiscated it. She is also accused of buying the victim that cellphone.

They say that phone had explicit text messages between the victim and his teacher.

By the time they come home, they will be so grateful to have adult company that you don’t have to come up with anything interesting to say. Teachers are walking stationery suppliers and can meet your every equipment need from that Biro you need while on an important phone call to an emergency bottle of Tipp-Ex. All of that chocolate and wine is shareable and you are first in line. If they say they’ll be at the restaurant at 7pm then they will be. They pretty much have to be when working with young people. If they know how to say the right things at parents’ evenings, then that awkward family meal will be a breeze.

Teachers literally come home laden with gifts at Christmas and summer. They can hardly give out detentions for a kid being five minutes late to class if they aren’t punctual themselves. They are up to date with the latest lingo and fashions. They will absolutely nail that first meeting with your parents. If you ever make a grammatical error, they will pick up on it.

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